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FunctionalTestCaseVisitor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FunctionalTestCaseVisitor:

Public Member Functions

 enterNode (Node $node)
array getTests ()
string getFqcn ()

Private Attributes

array[] $tests = array( )
string $fqcn

Detailed Description

nikic/php-parser node visitor to find test class namespace, count

‪annotated methods and their possible @dataProvider's

Definition at line 187 of file splitFunctionalTests.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ enterNode()

FunctionalTestCaseVisitor::enterNode ( Node  $node)

Create a list of '

‪' annotated methods in a test case file and see if single tests use data providers.

Definition at line 203 of file splitFunctionalTests.php.

◆ getFqcn()

string FunctionalTestCaseVisitor::getFqcn ( )

Return Fully qualified class test name


Definition at line 253 of file splitFunctionalTests.php.

References $fqcn.

◆ getTests()

array FunctionalTestCaseVisitor::getTests ( )

Return array of found tests and their data providers


Definition at line 243 of file splitFunctionalTests.php.

References $tests.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $fqcn

string FunctionalTestCaseVisitor::$fqcn

Fully qualified test class name

Definition at line 195 of file splitFunctionalTests.php.

Referenced by getFqcn().

◆ $tests

array [] FunctionalTestCaseVisitor::$tests = array( )

An array of arrays with test method names and optionally a data provider name

Definition at line 191 of file splitFunctionalTests.php.

Referenced by getTests().