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TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement:
TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\AbstractFormElement TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\AbstractNode TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\NodeInterface

Public Member Functions

 __construct (private readonly IconFactory $iconFactory,)
array render ()
- ‪Public Member Functions inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\AbstractFormElement
 injectNodeFactory (NodeFactory $nodeFactory)
- ‪Public Member Functions inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\AbstractNode
 setData (array $data)

Protected Member Functions

string wrapInHelp (array $overloadHelpText=[])
 getRecordSelectionCheckActions ()
- ‪Protected Member Functions inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\AbstractFormElement
array renderFieldInformation ()
array renderFieldControl ()
array renderFieldWizard ()
 renderLabel (string $for)
 wrapWithFieldsetAndLegend (string $innerHTML)
 hasNullCheckboxButNoPlaceholder ()
 hasNullCheckboxWithPlaceholder ()
string formatValue ($format, $itemValue, $formatOptions=[])
int formMaxWidth ($size=48)
 resolveJavaScriptEvaluation (array $resultArray, string $name, ?object $evalObject)
string checkBoxParams (string $itemName, int $formElementValue, int $checkbox, int $checkboxesCount, array $fieldChangeFuncs=[], bool $invert=false)
 calculateColumnMarkup (int $cols)
 appendValueToLabelInDebugMode (string|int $label, string|int $value)
 getLanguageService ()
 getBackendUser ()
- ‪Protected Member Functions inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\AbstractNode
 initializeResultArray ()
array mergeChildReturnIntoExistingResult (array $existing, array $childReturn, bool $mergeHtml=true)
 getValidationDataAsJsonString (array $config)

Protected Attributes

array $defaultFieldInformation
array $defaultFieldWizard
- ‪Protected Attributes inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\AbstractFormElement
int $defaultInputWidth = 30
int $minimumInputWidth = 10
int $maxInputWidth = 50
NodeFactory $nodeFactory
- ‪Protected Attributes inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\AbstractNode
array $data = []
array $defaultFieldInformation = array( )
array $defaultFieldControl = array( )
array $defaultFieldWizard = array( )

Detailed Description

Creates a widget with check box elements.

This is rendered for config type=select, renderType=selectCheckBox

Definition at line 30 of file SelectCheckBoxElement.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement::__construct ( private readonly IconFactory  $iconFactory)

Definition at line 64 of file SelectCheckBoxElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getRecordSelectionCheckActions()

TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement::getRecordSelectionCheckActions ( )

◆ render()

◆ wrapInHelp()

string TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement::wrapInHelp ( array  $overloadHelpText = [])

A function that creates an icon with a help text. If a user clicks on the icon, the help text will show up as tooltip

array$overloadHelpText‪Array with text to overload help text
‪string the HTML code ready to render

Definition at line 283 of file SelectCheckBoxElement.php.

Referenced by TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement\render().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $defaultFieldInformation

array TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement::$defaultFieldInformation
Initial value:
= array(
'tcaDescription' => [
'renderType' => 'tcaDescription',

Default field information enabled for this element.

Definition at line 36 of file SelectCheckBoxElement.php.

◆ $defaultFieldWizard

array TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\Element\SelectCheckBoxElement::$defaultFieldWizard
Initial value:
= array(
'localizationStateSelector' => [
'renderType' => 'localizationStateSelector',
'otherLanguageContent' => [
'renderType' => 'otherLanguageContent',
'after' => [
'defaultLanguageDifferences' => [
'renderType' => 'defaultLanguageDifferences',
'after' => [

Default field wizards enabled for this element.

Definition at line 46 of file SelectCheckBoxElement.php.