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TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask:

Public Member Functions

bool execute ()
- ‪Public Member Functions inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\AbstractTask
 __construct ()
string getAdditionalInformation ()
 setTaskUid ($id)
int getTaskUid ()
string getTaskTitle ()
string getTaskDescription ()
string getTaskClassName ()
bool isDisabled ()
 setDisabled ($flag)
 setRunOnNextCronJob ($flag)
bool getRunOnNextCronJob ()
 setExecutionTime ($timestamp)
int null getTaskGroup ()
 setTaskGroup ($taskGroup)
int getExecutionTime ()
 setDescription ($description)
string getDescription ()
 setScheduler ()
 unsetScheduler ()
 registerSingleExecution ($timestamp)
 registerRecurringExecution ($start, $interval, $end=0, $multiple=false, $cron_cmd='')
 setExecution (Execution $execution)
Execution object null getExecution ()
int getNextDueExecution ()
bool areMultipleExecutionsAllowed ()
bool save ()
 stop ()
int getType ()

Public Attributes

int $storageUid = -1
int $maxFileCount = 100
- ‪Public Attributes inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\AbstractTask
const TYPE_SINGLE = 1

Protected Member Functions

TYPO3 CMS Core Resource Index Indexer getIndexer (ResourceStorage $storage)
- ‪Protected Member Functions inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\AbstractTask
 logException (\Exception $e)
 getLanguageService ()

Additional Inherited Members

- ‪Protected Attributes inherited from ‪TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\AbstractTask
TYPO3 CMS Scheduler Scheduler null $scheduler
int $taskUid = 0
bool $disabled = false
bool $runOnNextCronJob = false
Execution $execution
int $executionTime = 0
string $description = ''
int null $taskGroup = 0

Detailed Description

This task which indexes files in storage

This class is a specific scheduler task implementation is not considered part of the Public TYPO3 API.

Definition at line 27 of file FileStorageExtractionTask.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

bool TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask::execute ( )

Function execute from the Scheduler

‪bool TRUE on successful execution, FALSE on error

Reimplemented from TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\AbstractTask.

Definition at line 46 of file FileStorageExtractionTask.php.

References TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask\getIndexer(), and TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\AbstractTask\logException().

◆ getIndexer()

TYPO3 CMS Core Resource Index Indexer TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask::getIndexer ( ResourceStorage  $storage)

Gets the indexer


Definition at line 74 of file FileStorageExtractionTask.php.

Referenced by TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask\execute().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $maxFileCount

int TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask::$maxFileCount = 100


Definition at line 39 of file FileStorageExtractionTask.php.

◆ $storageUid

int TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\FileStorageExtractionTask::$storageUid = -1

Storage Uid

Definition at line 33 of file FileStorageExtractionTask.php.