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TYPO3\CMS\Core\Versioning Namespace Reference


enum  VersionState : int { indicatesPlaceholder }

Enumeration Type Documentation

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Enumeration object for VersionState


The t3ver_state 0 is used for a live element, and any commonly "modified" versioned record which is then identified with t3ver_oid=uid of live ID If a new record is created in a workspace a new record is added with t3ver_state = 1, a so-called "newly versioned record", which acts as a standalone record and has no t3ver_oid value. Publishing this record is done by changing the t3ver_wsid field to "0". Deleting elements is done by actually creating a new version of the element and setting t3ver_state=2 that indicates the live element must be deleted upon publishing the versions. When an element is moved to a different page, a versioned record is created with t3ver_state=4 and the new PID. When the database table has a sorting field, the sorting on the versioned record is also updated to reflect the new position.

When reading records from the DB with workspaces in mind, the t3ver_state=4 records should be fetched as well to find the new position and to do "workspace overlays" properly.

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