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PageTreeView Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PageTreeView:
AbstractTreeView NewRecordPageTreeView

Public Member Functions

 init ($clause= '', $orderByFields= '')
 expandNext ($id)
 PMicon ($row, $a, $c, $nextCount, $isExpand)
 initializePositionSaving ()
 getTitleStr ($row, $titleLen=30)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractTreeView
 __construct ()
 init ($clause= '', $orderByFields= '')
 addField ($field, $noCheck=false)
 reset ()
 getBrowsableTree ()
 printTree ($treeArr= '')
 PMicon ($row, $a, $c, $nextCount, $isOpen)
 PM_ATagWrap ($icon, $cmd, $bMark= '', $isOpen=false)
 wrapTitle ($title, $row, $bank=0)
 wrapIcon ($icon, $row)
 addTagAttributes ($icon, $attr)
 wrapStop ($str, $row)
 expandNext ($id)
 initializePositionSaving ()
 savePosition ()
 getRootIcon ($rec)
 getIcon ($row)
 getTitleStr ($row, $titleLen=30)
 getTitleAttrib ($row)
 getId ($row)
 getJumpToParam ($row)
 getTree ($uid, $depth=999, $depthData= '')
 getCount ($uid)
 getRootRecord ()
 getRecord ($uid)
 getDataInit ($parentId)
 getDataCount (&$res)
 getDataNext (&$res)
 getDataFree (&$res)
 setDataFromArray (&$dataArr, $traverse=false, $pid=0)
 setDataFromTreeArray (&$treeArr, &$treeLookupArr)

Public Attributes

 $treeName = 'pages'
 $table = 'pages'
 $ext_showNavTitle = false
- Public Attributes inherited from AbstractTreeView
 $expandFirst = 0
 $expandAll = 0
 $thisScript = ''
 $titleAttrib = 'title'
 $ext_IconMode = false
 $addSelfId = 0
 $title = 'no title'
 $showDefaultTitleAttribute = false
 $BE_USER = ''
 $MOUNTS = null
 $table = ''
 $parentField = 'pid'
 $clause = ''
 $orderByFields = ''
 $fieldArray = ['uid', 'pid', 'title']
 $defaultList = 'uid,pid,tstamp,sorting,deleted,perms_userid,perms_groupid,perms_user,perms_group,perms_everybody,crdate,cruser_id'
 $treeName = ''
 $domIdPrefix = 'row'
 $makeHTML = 1
 $setRecs = 0
 $subLevelID = '_SUB_LEVEL'
 $ids = []
 $ids_hierarchy = []
 $orig_ids_hierarchy = []
 $buffer_idH = []
 $specUIDmap = []
 $data = false
 $dataLookup = false
 $tree = []
 $stored = []
 $bank = 0
 $recs = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractTreeView
 determineScriptUrl ()
 getThisScript ()
 getLanguageService ()
 getBackendUser ()

Detailed Description

Generate a page-tree, non-browsable.

Definition at line 22 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

Member Function Documentation

expandNext (   $id)

Returns TRUE/FALSE if the next level for $id should be expanded - and all levels should, so we always return 1.

int$idID (uid) to test for (see extending classes where this is checked against session data)

Definition at line 82 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

getTitleStr (   $row,
  $titleLen = 30 

Returns the title for the input record. If blank, a "no title" label (localized) will be returned. Do NOT htmlspecialchar the string from this function - has already been done.

array$rowThe input row array (where the key "title" is used for the title)
int$titleLenTitle length (30)
string The title.

Definition at line 125 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

References AbstractTreeView\$title, and AbstractTreeView\getLanguageService().

init (   $clause = '',
  $orderByFields = '' 

Init function REMEMBER to feed a $clause which will filter out non-readable pages!

string$clausePart of where query which will filter out non-readable pages.
string$orderByFieldsRecord ORDER BY field

Definition at line 71 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

References AbstractTreeView\$clause.

initializePositionSaving ( )

Get stored tree structure AND updating it if needed according to incoming PM GET var.

  • Here we just set it to nothing since we want to just render the tree, nothing more.
void private

Definition at line 112 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

PMicon (   $row,

Generate the plus/minus icon for the browsable tree. In this case, there is no plus-minus icon displayed.

array$rowRecord for the entry
int$aThe current entry number
int$cThe total number of entries. If equal to $a, a 'bottom' element is returned.
int$nextCountThe number of sub-elements to the current element.
bool$isExpandThe element was expanded to render subelements if this flag is set.
string Image tag with the plus/minus icon. private
See also

Definition at line 100 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

Member Data Documentation

$ext_showNavTitle = false

Definition at line 61 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

Initial value:
= [

Definition at line 27 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

$table = 'pages'

Definition at line 56 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.

$treeName = 'pages'

Definition at line 50 of file Tree/View/PageTreeView.php.