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HiddenRestriction Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HiddenRestriction:

Public Member Functions

 buildExpression (array $queriedTables, ExpressionBuilder $expressionBuilder)

Detailed Description

Restriction to filter records that have been marked as hidden

Definition at line 24 of file HiddenRestriction.php.

Member Function Documentation

buildExpression ( array  $queriedTables,
ExpressionBuilder  $expressionBuilder 

Main method to build expressions for given tables Evaluates the ctrl/enablecolumns/disabled flag of the table and adds the according restriction if set

array$queriedTablesArray of tables, where array key is table name and value potentially an alias
ExpressionBuilder$expressionBuilderExpression builder instance to add restrictions with
CompositeExpression The result of query builder expression(s)

Implements QueryRestrictionInterface.

Definition at line 34 of file HiddenRestriction.php.

References $GLOBALS, ExpressionBuilder\andX(), and ExpressionBuilder\eq().