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ErrorpageMessage Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ErrorpageMessage:
AbstractStandaloneMessage AbstractMessage

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($message= '', $title= '', $severity=AbstractMessage::ERROR)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractStandaloneMessage
 __construct ($message= '', $title= '', $severity=AbstractMessage::ERROR)
 setMarkers (array $markers)
 getHtmlTemplate ()
 setHtmlTemplate ($htmlTemplate)
 render ()
 output ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractMessage
 getTitle ()
 setTitle ($title)
 getMessage ()
 setMessage ($message)
 getSeverity ()
 setSeverity ($severity=self::OK)
 __toString ()

Protected Member Functions

 getDefaultMarkers ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractStandaloneMessage
 getDefaultMarkers ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from AbstractMessage
const NOTICE = -2
const INFO = -1
const OK = 0
const WARNING = 1
const ERROR = 2
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractStandaloneMessage
 $defaultMarkers = []
 $markers = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractMessage
 $title = ''
 $message = ''
 $severity = self::OK

Detailed Description

A class representing error messages shown on a page. Classic Example: "No pages are found on rootlevel" This class is deprecated since TYPO3 v8 in favor of the ErrorPageController, and will be removed in TYPO3 v9

Definition at line 24 of file ErrorpageMessage.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $message = '',
  $title = '',
  $severity = AbstractMessage::ERROR 

Constructor for an Error message

string$messageThe error message
string$titleTitle of the message, can be empty
int$severityOptional severity, must be either of AbstractMessage::INFO or related constants
since TYPO3 v8, will be removed in TYPO3 v9, use the ErrorPageController instead

Definition at line 34 of file ErrorpageMessage.php.

References AbstractMessage\$message, AbstractMessage\$severity, AbstractMessage\$title, GeneralUtility\logDeprecatedFunction(), AbstractStandaloneMessage\setHtmlTemplate(), and ExtensionManagementUtility\siteRelPath().

Member Function Documentation

getDefaultMarkers ( )

Returns the default markers for the template, with some additional parameters for the error page.


Definition at line 46 of file ErrorpageMessage.php.

References AbstractStandaloneMessage\$defaultMarkers, and ExtensionManagementUtility\siteRelPath().