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IntegrityTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for IntegrityTest:
UnitTestCase BaseTestCase

Public Member Functions

 standardSingletonIsRegistered ()
 ensureLocalisationUtilityConfigurationManagerIsNull ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UnitTestCase
 tearDown ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseTestCase
 getAccessibleMock ($originalClassName, $methods=[], array $arguments=[], $mockClassName= '', $callOriginalConstructor=true, $callOriginalClone=true, $callAutoload=true)
 getAccessibleMockForAbstractClass ($originalClassName, array $arguments=[], $mockClassName= '', $callOriginalConstructor=true, $callOriginalClone=true, $callAutoload=true, $mockedMethods=[])
 buildAccessibleProxy ($className)
 callInaccessibleMethod ($object, $name,...$arguments)
 inject ($target, $name, $dependency)
 getUniqueId ($prefix= '')
- Protected Attributes inherited from UnitTestCase
 $backupGlobalsBlacklist = ['TYPO3_LOADED_EXT']
 $testFilesToDelete = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseTestCase
 $backupGlobals = true
 $backupStaticAttributes = false

Detailed Description

This test case is used in test suites to check for healthy environments after other tests were run.

This test is usually executed as the very last file in a suite and should fail if some other test before destroys the environment with invalid mocking or backups.

Definition at line 26 of file IntegrityTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

ensureLocalisationUtilityConfigurationManagerIsNull ( )

This test fails if any test case manipulates the configurationManager property in LocalizationUtility due to mocking and fails to restore it properly.


Definition at line 53 of file IntegrityTest.php.

standardSingletonIsRegistered ( )

This test fails if some test before called ::purgeInstances() without a proper backup via ::getSingletonInstances() and a reconstitution via ::resetSingletonInstances().

The test for CacheManager should never fail since this object is already instantiated during bootstrap and must always be there.


Definition at line 39 of file IntegrityTest.php.

References GeneralUtility\getSingletonInstances().