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AbstractEntity Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AbstractEntity:
AbstractDomainObject DomainObjectInterface ObjectMonitoringInterface Blog Comment DateExample Person Post Content Hotel Offer Price Extension Constraint HistoryEntry LogEntry Workspace BackendUserGroup Demand Document DocumentFormat DocumentTranslation AbstractFileCollection AbstractFileFolder BackendUser BackendUserGroup Category FileMount FrontendUser FrontendUserGroup Entity EntityFixture Entity2 Entity3 PersistentObjectEntityFixture ConfigurationCategory ConfigurationItem ConfigurationSubcategory Dependency Extension Mirrors Repository ExtendsAbstractEntity Extension Language SysNote

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractDomainObject
 getUid ()
 setPid ($pid)
 getPid ()
 _setProperty ($propertyName, $propertyValue)
 _getProperty ($propertyName)
 _getProperties ()
 _hasProperty ($propertyName)
 _isNew ()
 _memorizeCleanState ($propertyName=null)
 _memorizePropertyCleanState ($propertyName)
 _getCleanProperties ()
 _getCleanProperty ($propertyName)
 _isDirty ($propertyName=null)
 _isClone ()
 _setClone ($clone)
 __clone ()
 __toString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectMonitoringInterface
 _memorizeCleanState ()
 _isDirty ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractDomainObject
 isPropertyDirty ($previousValue, $currentValue)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractDomainObject

Detailed Description

An abstract Entity. An Entity is an object fundamentally defined not by its attributes, but by a thread of continuity and identity (e.g. a person).

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