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AbstractValueObject Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AbstractValueObject:
AbstractDomainObject DomainObjectInterface ObjectMonitoringInterface Tag ValueObject ValueObjectFixture PersistentObjectValueObjectFixture

Public Member Functions

 getValue ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractDomainObject
 getUid ()
 setPid ($pid)
 getPid ()
 _setProperty ($propertyName, $propertyValue)
 _getProperty ($propertyName)
 _getProperties ()
 _hasProperty ($propertyName)
 _isNew ()
 _memorizeCleanState ($propertyName=null)
 _memorizePropertyCleanState ($propertyName)
 _getCleanProperties ()
 _getCleanProperty ($propertyName)
 _isDirty ($propertyName=null)
 _isClone ()
 _setClone ($clone)
 __clone ()
 __toString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectMonitoringInterface
 _memorizeCleanState ()
 _isDirty ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractDomainObject
 isPropertyDirty ($previousValue, $currentValue)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractDomainObject

Detailed Description

An abstract Value Object. A Value Object is an object that describes some characteristic or attribute (e.g. a color) but carries no concept of identity.

Definition at line 21 of file AbstractValueObject.php.

Member Function Documentation

getValue ( )

Returns the value of the Value Object. Must be overwritten by a concrete value object.


Definition at line 28 of file AbstractValueObject.php.

References AbstractDomainObject\__toString().