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BootstrapTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BootstrapTest:
UnitTestCase BaseTestCase

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
 tearDown ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UnitTestCase
 tearDown ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseTestCase
 getAccessibleMock ($originalClassName, $methods=[], array $arguments=[], $mockClassName= '', $callOriginalConstructor=true, $callOriginalClone=true, $callAutoload=true)
 getAccessibleMockForAbstractClass ($originalClassName, array $arguments=[], $mockClassName= '', $callOriginalConstructor=true, $callOriginalClone=true, $callAutoload=true, $mockedMethods=[])
 buildAccessibleProxy ($className)
 callInaccessibleMethod ($object, $name,...$arguments)
 inject ($target, $name, $dependency)
 getUniqueId ($prefix= '')

Protected Attributes

 $singletonInstances = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from UnitTestCase
 $backupGlobalsBlacklist = ['TYPO3_LOADED_EXT']
 $testFilesToDelete = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseTestCase
 $backupGlobals = true
 $backupStaticAttributes = false

Detailed Description

Test case

Definition at line 20 of file BootstrapTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

setUp ( )

Sets up this testcase

Definition at line 30 of file BootstrapTest.php.

References GeneralUtility\getSingletonInstances().

tearDown ( )

Member Data Documentation

$singletonInstances = []

Definition at line 25 of file BootstrapTest.php.