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AbstractTagBasedViewHelper Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AbstractTagBasedViewHelper:
AbstractViewHelper TypoScriptConstantsViewHelper ImageViewHelper ActionViewHelper ProcessAvailableActionsViewHelper ClickMenuOnIconViewHelper ActionMenuItemViewHelper ActionMenuViewHelper FlashMessagesViewHelper AbstractFormViewHelper ImageViewHelper ActionViewHelper EmailViewHelper ExternalViewHelper PageViewHelper MediaViewHelper LinkViewHelper SectionViewHelper

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 initializeArguments ()
 initialize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractViewHelper
 setRenderingContext (\TYPO3Fluid\Fluid\Core\Rendering\RenderingContextInterface $renderingContext)
 injectObjectManager (\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Object\ObjectManagerInterface $objectManager)
 injectReflectionService (\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Reflection\ReflectionService $reflectionService)
 prepareArguments ()

Protected Member Functions

 registerTagAttribute ($name, $type, $description, $required=false, $default=null)
 registerUniversalTagAttributes ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractViewHelper
 callRenderMethod ()
 getLogger ()
 registerRenderMethodArguments ()

Protected Attributes

 $tagName = 'div'
 $escapeOutput = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractViewHelper

Static Private Attributes

static $tagAttributes = []

Detailed Description

Tag based view helper. Sould be used as the base class for all view helpers which output simple tags, as it provides some convenience methods to register default attributes, ...

Definition at line 24 of file AbstractTagBasedViewHelper.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )


Definition at line 54 of file AbstractTagBasedViewHelper.php.

Member Function Documentation

initialize ( )

Sets the tag name to $this->tagName. Additionally, sets all tag attributes which were registered in $this->tagAttributes and additionalArguments.

Will be invoked just before the render method.


Definition at line 81 of file AbstractTagBasedViewHelper.php.

initializeArguments ( )


Definition at line 64 of file AbstractTagBasedViewHelper.php.

registerTagAttribute (   $name,
  $required = false,
  $default = null 

Member Data Documentation

$escapeOutput = false

Definition at line 49 of file AbstractTagBasedViewHelper.php.

$tagAttributes = []

Definition at line 31 of file AbstractTagBasedViewHelper.php.

$tagName = 'div'

Definition at line 39 of file AbstractTagBasedViewHelper.php.