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Page Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Page:
AbstractSection AbstractCompositeRenderable AbstractRenderable CompositeRenderableInterface RenderableInterface RenderableInterface RootRenderableInterface RootRenderableInterface

Public Member Functions

 __construct (string $identifier, string $type= 'Page')
 setParentRenderable (CompositeRenderableInterface $parentRenderable)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractSection
 __construct (string $identifier, string $type)
 getElements ()
 getElementsRecursively ()
 addElement (FormElementInterface $formElement)
 createElement (string $identifier, string $typeName)
 moveElementBefore (FormElementInterface $elementToMove, FormElementInterface $referenceElement)
 moveElementAfter (FormElementInterface $elementToMove, FormElementInterface $referenceElement)
 removeElement (FormElementInterface $elementToRemove)
 onSubmit (FormRuntime $formRuntime, &$elementValue, array $requestArguments=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractCompositeRenderable
 getRenderablesRecursively ()
 registerInFormIfPossible ()
 onRemoveFromParentRenderable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractRenderable
 getType ()
 getIdentifier ()
 setOptions (array $options)
 createValidator (string $validatorIdentifier, array $options=[])
 addValidator (ValidatorInterface $validator)
 getValidators ()
 setDataType (string $dataType)
 setRendererClassName (string $rendererClassName)
 getRendererClassName ()
 getRenderingOptions ()
 setRenderingOption (string $key, $value)
 getParentRenderable ()
 setParentRenderable (CompositeRenderableInterface $parentRenderable)
 getRootForm ()
 registerInFormIfPossible ()
 onRemoveFromParentRenderable ()
 getIndex ()
 setIndex (int $index)
 getLabel ()
 setLabel (string $label)
 beforeRendering (FormRuntime $formRuntime)
 onBuildingFinished ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractCompositeRenderable
 addRenderable (RenderableInterface $renderable)
 moveRenderableBefore (RenderableInterface $renderableToMove, RenderableInterface $referenceRenderable)
 moveRenderableAfter (RenderableInterface $renderableToMove, RenderableInterface $referenceRenderable)
 removeRenderable (RenderableInterface $renderableToRemove)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractCompositeRenderable
 $renderables = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractRenderable
 $label = ''
 $renderingOptions = []
 $rendererClassName = null
 $index = 0

Detailed Description

A Page, being part of a bigger FormDefinition. It contains numerous FormElements as children.

A FormDefinition consists of multiple Pages, where only one page is visible at any given time.

Most of the API of this object is implemented in AbstractSection, so make sure to review this class as well.

Please see FormDefinition for an in-depth explanation.

Scope: frontend This class is NOT meant to be sub classed by developers.

Definition at line 37 of file Page.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( string  $identifier,
string  $type = 'Page' 

Constructor. Needs this Page's identifier

string$identifierThe Page's identifier
string$typeThe Page's type
TYPO3 if the identifier was no non-empty string

Definition at line 48 of file Page.php.

References AbstractRenderable\$type.

Member Function Documentation

setParentRenderable ( CompositeRenderableInterface  $parentRenderable)

Set the parent renderable


Implements RenderableInterface.

Definition at line 61 of file Page.php.