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JavaScriptMenuContentObject Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for JavaScriptMenuContentObject:

Public Member Functions

 writeMenu ()
 generate_level ($levels, $count, $pid, $menuItemArray= '', $MP_array=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractMenuContentObject
 start ($tmpl, $sys_page, $id, $conf, $menuNumber, $objSuffix= '')
 makeMenu ()
 generate ()
 writeMenu ()
 filterMenuPages (&$data, $banUidArray, $spacer)
 procesItemStates ($splitCount)
 link ($key, $altTarget= '', $typeOverride= '')
 changeLinksForAccessRestrictedPages (&$LD, $page, $mainTarget, $typeOverride)
 isNext ($uid, $MPvar= '')
 isActive ($uid, $MPvar= '')
 isCurrent ($uid, $MPvar= '')
 isSubMenu ($uid)
 isItemState ($kind, $key)
 accessKey ($title)
 userProcess ($mConfKey, $passVar)
 setATagParts ()
 getPageTitle ($title, $nav_title)
 getMPvar ($key)
 getDoktypeExcludeWhere ()
 getBannedUids ()
 menuTypoLink ($page, $oTarget, $no_cache, $script, $overrideArray= '', $addParams= '', $typeOverride= '')
 getSysPage ()
 getParentContentObject ()
 setParentMenu (array $menuArr=[], $menuItemKey)
 getParentMenuArr ()
 getParentMenuItem ()

Public Attributes

 $levels = 0
 $JSVarName = ''
 $JSMenuName = ''
- Public Attributes inherited from AbstractMenuContentObject
 $menuNumber = 1
 $entryLevel = 0
 $spacerIDList = '199'
 $doktypeExcludeList = '6'
 $alwaysActivePIDlist = []
 $imgNamePrefix = 'img'
 $imgNameNotRandom = 0
 $debug = false
 $parent_cObj = null
 $GMENU_fixKey = 'gmenu'
 $MP_array = []
 $conf = []
 $mconf = []
 $tmpl = null
 $sys_page = null
 $result = []
 $WMcObj = null
 $alternativeMenuTempArray = ''
 $nameAttribute = 'name'
 $parentMenuArr = []

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractMenuContentObject
 removeInaccessiblePages (array $pages)
 prepareMenuItemsForUserSpecificMenu ($specialValue, $sortingField)
 prepareMenuItemsForLanguageMenu ($specialValue)
 prepareMenuItemsForDirectoryMenu ($specialValue, $sortingField)
 prepareMenuItemsForUpdatedMenu ($specialValue, $sortingField)
 prepareMenuItemsForKeywordsMenu ($specialValue, $sortingField)
 prepareMenuItemsForRootlineMenu ()
 prepareMenuItemsForBrowseMenu ($specialValue, $sortingField, $additionalWhere)
 determineOriginalShortcutPage (array $page)
 sectionIndex ($altSortField, $pid=null)
 getTypoScriptFrontendController ()
 getTimeTracker ()
 getCache ()
 getRuntimeCache ()
 hasParentMenuArr ()
 hasParentMenuItemKey ()
 hasParentMenuItem ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractMenuContentObject
 $useCacheHash = false

Detailed Description

JavaScript/Selectorbox based menus

Definition at line 25 of file JavaScriptMenuContentObject.php.

Member Function Documentation

generate_level (   $levels,
  $menuItemArray = '',
  $MP_array = [] 

Generates a number of lines of JavaScript code for a menu level. Calls itself recursively for additional levels.

int$levelsNumber of levels to generate
int$countCurrent level being generated - and if this number is less than $levels it will call itself recursively with $count incremented
int$pidPage id of the starting point.
array | string$menuItemArray$this->menuArr passed along
array$MP_arrayPrevious MP vars
string JavaScript code lines. private

Definition at line 107 of file JavaScriptMenuContentObject.php.

References JavaScriptMenuContentObject\$JSMenuName, JavaScriptMenuContentObject\$JSVarName, JavaScriptMenuContentObject\$levels, AbstractMenuContentObject\$MP_array, AbstractMenuContentObject\changeLinksForAccessRestrictedPages(), AbstractMenuContentObject\getBannedUids(), AbstractMenuContentObject\getTypoScriptFrontendController(), ArrayUtility\inArray(), GeneralUtility\inList(), AbstractMenuContentObject\isActive(), AbstractMenuContentObject\menuTypoLink(), and GeneralUtility\quoteJSvalue().

Referenced by JavaScriptMenuContentObject\writeMenu().

writeMenu ( )

Creates the HTML (mixture of a <form> and a JavaScript section) for the JavaScript menu (basically an array of selector boxes with onchange handlers)

string The HTML code for the menu

Definition at line 47 of file JavaScriptMenuContentObject.php.

References $GLOBALS, JavaScriptMenuContentObject\$levels, MathUtility\forceIntegerInRange(), JavaScriptMenuContentObject\generate_level(), GeneralUtility\quoteJSvalue(), GeneralUtility\shortMD5(), and ExtensionManagementUtility\siteRelPath().

Member Data Documentation

$JSMenuName = ''
$JSVarName = ''