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ClearCacheService Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 clearAll ()

Detailed Description

Basic service to clear caches within the install tool. This is NOT an API class, it is for internal use in the install tool only.

Definition at line 24 of file ClearCacheService.php.

Member Function Documentation

clearAll ( )

This clear cache implementation follows a pretty brutal approach. Goal is to reliably get rid of cache entries, even if some broken extension is loaded that would kill the backend 'clear cache' action.

Therefor this method "knows" implementation details of the cache framework and uses them to clear all file based cache (typo3temp/Cache) and database caches (tables prefixed with cf_) manually.

After that ext_tables and ext_localconf of extensions are loaded, those may register additional caches in the caching framework with different backend, and will then clear them with the usual flush() method.


Definition at line 41 of file ClearCacheService.php.

References $GLOBALS, GeneralUtility\flushDirectory(), Bootstrap\getInstance(), and GeneralUtility\makeInstance().