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LoadTcaService Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 loadExtensionTablesWithoutMigration ()
 loadSingleExtTablesFile (string $extensionKey)

Detailed Description

Service for loading the TCA

Definition at line 24 of file LoadTcaService.php.

Member Function Documentation

loadExtensionTablesWithoutMigration ( )

Load TCA Mostly a copy of ExtensionManagementUtility to include TCA without migrations. To be used in install tool only.

This will set up $GLOBALS['TCA']

See also

Definition at line 35 of file LoadTcaService.php.

References $GLOBALS, CategoryRegistry\getInstance(), and GeneralUtility\makeInstance().

loadSingleExtTablesFile ( string  $extensionKey)

Load ext_tables.php of a single extension

string$extensionKeyThe extension to load a ext_tables.php file from.

Definition at line 90 of file LoadTcaService.php.

References $_EXTCONF, and $GLOBALS.