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RsaAuthService Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RsaAuthService:
AuthenticationService AbstractAuthenticationService AbstractService

Public Member Functions

 processLoginData (array &$loginData, $passwordTransmissionStrategy)
 init ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AuthenticationService
 processLoginData (array &$loginData, $passwordTransmissionStrategy)
 getUser ()
 authUser (array $user)
 getGroups ($user, $knownGroups)
 getSubGroups ($grList, $idList= '', &$groups)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractAuthenticationService
 initAuth ($mode, $loginData, $authInfo, $pObj)
 compareUident (array $user, array $loginData, $passwordCompareStrategy= '')
 writelog ($type, $action, $error, $details_nr, $details, $data, $tablename= '', $recuid= '', $recpid= '')
 fetchUserRecord ($username, $extraWhere= '', $dbUserSetup= '')
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractService
 getServiceInfo ()
 getServiceKey ()
 getServiceTitle ()
 getServiceOption ($optionName, $defaultValue= '', $includeDefaultConfig=true)
 devLog ($msg, $severity=0, $dataVar=false)
 errorPull ()
 getLastError ()
 getLastErrorMsg ()
 getErrorMsgArray ()
 getLastErrorArray ()
 resetErrors ()
 checkExec ($progList)
 deactivateService ()
 checkInputFile ($absFile)
 readFile ($absFile, $length=0)
 writeFile ($content, $absFile= '')
 tempFile ($filePrefix)
 registerTempFile ($absFile)
 unlinkTempFiles ()
 setInput ($content, $type= '')
 setInputFile ($absFile, $type= '')
 getInput ()
 getInputFile ($createFile= '')
 setOutputFile ($absFile)
 getOutput ()
 getOutputFile ($absFile= '')
 init ()
 reset ()
 __destruct ()

Public Attributes

 $extKey = 'rsaauth'
 $prefixId = 'tx_rsaauth_sv1'
- Public Attributes inherited from AbstractAuthenticationService
 $login = []
 $authInfo = []
 $db_user = []
 $db_groups = []
 $writeAttemptLog = false
 $writeDevLog = false
- Public Attributes inherited from AbstractService
 $info = []
 $error = []
 $writeDevLog = false
 $out = ''
 $inputFile = ''
 $inputContent = ''
 $inputType = ''
 $outputFile = ''
 $tempFiles = []

Protected Member Functions

 getRsaEncryptionDecoder ()

Protected Attributes

 $rsaEncryptionDecoder = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractService
 $shutdownRegistry = []
 $prefixId = ''

Detailed Description

Service "RSA authentication" for the "rsaauth" extension. This service will authenticate a user using hos password encoded with one time public key. It uses the standard TYPO3 service to do all dirty work. Firsts, it will decode the password and then pass it to the parent service ('sv'). This ensures that it always works, even if other TYPO3 internals change.

Definition at line 26 of file RsaAuthService.php.

Member Function Documentation

getRsaEncryptionDecoder ( )
init ( )

Initializes the service.


Definition at line 86 of file RsaAuthService.php.

References RsaAuthService\getRsaEncryptionDecoder().

processLoginData ( array &  $loginData,

Process the submitted credentials. In this case decrypt the password if it is RSA encrypted.

array$loginDataCredentials that are submitted and potentially modified by other services
string$passwordTransmissionStrategyKeyword of how the password has been hashed or encrypted before submission

Definition at line 57 of file RsaAuthService.php.

References GeneralUtility\devLog(), and RsaAuthService\getRsaEncryptionDecoder().

Member Data Documentation

$extKey = 'rsaauth'

Definition at line 39 of file RsaAuthService.php.

$prefixId = 'tx_rsaauth_sv1'

Definition at line 47 of file RsaAuthService.php.

$rsaEncryptionDecoder = null

Definition at line 31 of file RsaAuthService.php.

Referenced by RsaAuthService\getRsaEncryptionDecoder().