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PhpCapableBackendInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for PhpCapableBackendInterface:
BackendInterface FileBackend NullBackend SimpleFileBackend MockBackend FileBackend

Public Member Functions

 requireOnce ($entryIdentifier)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BackendInterface
 setCache (\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Cache\Frontend\FrontendInterface $cache)
 set ($entryIdentifier, $data, array $tags=[], $lifetime=null)
 get ($entryIdentifier)
 has ($entryIdentifier)
 remove ($entryIdentifier)
 flush ()
 collectGarbage ()

Detailed Description

A contract for a cache backend which is capable of storing, retrieving and including PHP source code.

Definition at line 23 of file PhpCapableBackendInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

requireOnce (   $entryIdentifier)

Loads PHP code from the cache and require_onces it right away.

string$entryIdentifierAn identifier which describes the cache entry to load
mixed Potential return value from the include operation

Implemented in FileBackend, SimpleFileBackend, and NullBackend.