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ErrorHandlerInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for ErrorHandlerInterface:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($errorHandlerErrors)
 setExceptionalErrors ($exceptionalErrors)
 handleError ($errorLevel, $errorMessage, $errorFile, $errorLine)

Detailed Description

Error handler interface for TYPO3

This file is a backport from TYPO3 Flow

Definition at line 22 of file ErrorHandlerInterface.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $errorHandlerErrors)

Registers this class as default error handler

int$errorHandlerErrorsThe integer representing the E_* error level which should be

Implemented in ErrorHandler.

Member Function Documentation

handleError (   $errorLevel,

Handles an error. If the error is registered as exceptionalError it will by converted into an exception, to be handled by the configured exceptionhandler. Additionally the error message is written to the configured logs. If TYPO3_MODE is 'BE' the error message is also added to the flashMessageQueue, in FE the error message is displayed in the admin panel (as TsLog message)

int$errorLevelThe error level - one of the E_* constants
string$errorMessageThe error message
string$errorFileName of the file the error occurred in
int$errorLineLine number where the error occurred
TYPO3 with the data passed to this method if the error is registered as exceptionalError
setExceptionalErrors (   $exceptionalErrors)

Defines which error levels should result in an exception thrown.

int$exceptionalErrorsThe integer representing the E_* error level to handle as exceptions

Implemented in ErrorHandler.