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UpperCaseInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for UpperCaseInterface:
PropertyValueInterface DynamicOperandInterface OperandInterface UpperCase

Public Member Functions

 getOperand ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PropertyValueInterface
 getSelectorName ()
 getPropertyName ()

Detailed Description

Evaluates to the upper-case string value (or values, if multi-valued) of operand.

If operand does not evaluate to a string value, its value is first converted to a string.

If operand evaluates to null, the UpperCase operand also evaluates to null.

Definition at line 26 of file UpperCaseInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

getOperand ( )

Gets the operand whose value is converted to an upper-case string.

PropertyValueInterface the operand; non-null

Implemented in UpperCase.