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ValidatorInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for ValidatorInterface:
AbstractValidator ObjectValidatorInterface AbstractValidatorClass AlphanumericValidator BooleanValidator DateTimeValidator EmailAddressValidator FloatValidator GenericObjectValidator IntegerValidator NotEmptyValidator NumberRangeValidator NumberValidator RawValidator RegularExpressionValidator StringLengthValidator StringValidator TextValidator CountValidator EmptyValidator MimeTypeValidator TestValidator AbstractCompositeValidator GenericObjectValidator

Public Member Functions

 validate ($value)
 getOptions ()

Detailed Description

Contract for a validator

Definition at line 22 of file ValidatorInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

getOptions ( )

Returns the options of this validator which can be specified in the constructor


Implemented in AbstractCompositeValidator, and AbstractValidator.

validate (   $value)

Checks if the given value is valid according to the validator, and returns the Error Messages object which occurred.

mixed$valueThe value that should be validated

Implemented in AbstractValidator, AbstractCompositeValidatorClass, CollectionValidator, GenericObjectValidator, and DisjunctionValidator.