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CompositeRenderableInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for CompositeRenderableInterface:
RenderableInterface RootRenderableInterface AbstractCompositeRenderable FormDefinition AbstractSection Page Section

Public Member Functions

 getRenderablesRecursively ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RenderableInterface
 getParentRenderable ()
 setParentRenderable (CompositeRenderableInterface $renderable)
 setIndex (int $index)
 getIndex ()
 onRemoveFromParentRenderable ()
 onBuildingFinished ()
 registerInFormIfPossible ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RootRenderableInterface
 getType ()
 getIdentifier ()
 getLabel ()
 beforeRendering (FormRuntime $formRuntime)
 getRendererClassName ()
 getRenderingOptions ()

Detailed Description

Interface which all Form Parts must adhere to when they have sub elements. This includes especially "FormDefinition" and "Page".

Scope: frontend This class is NOT meant to be sub classed by developers.

Definition at line 25 of file CompositeRenderableInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

getRenderablesRecursively ( )

Returns all RenderableInterface instances of this composite renderable recursively


Implemented in AbstractCompositeRenderable.