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RootRenderableInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for RootRenderableInterface:
RenderableInterface FormRuntime FormElementInterface AbstractRenderable CompositeRenderableInterface AbstractFormElement Section UnknownFormElement AbstractFormElement UnknownFormElement AbstractCompositeRenderable AbstractCompositeRenderable AdvancedPassword DatePicker FileUpload GenericFormElement AdvancedPassword DatePicker FileUpload GenericFormElement FormDefinition AbstractSection FormDefinition AbstractSection

Public Member Functions

 getType ()
 getIdentifier ()
 getLabel ()
 beforeRendering (FormRuntime $formRuntime)
 getRendererClassName ()
 getRenderingOptions ()

Detailed Description

Base interface which all parts of a form must adhere to.

Scope: frontend This class is NOT meant to be sub classed by developers.

Definition at line 26 of file RootRenderableInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

beforeRendering ( FormRuntime  $formRuntime)

This is a callback that is invoked by the Renderer before the corresponding element is rendered. Use this to access previously submitted values and/or modify the $formRuntime before an element is outputted to the browser.


Implemented in FormRuntime, and AbstractRenderable.

Referenced by FormView\renderRenderable().

getLabel ( )

Get the label which shall be displayed next to the form element


Implemented in FormRuntime, and AbstractRenderable.

Referenced by TranslationService\translateFormElementValue().

getRendererClassName ( )

Get the renderer class name to be used to display this renderable; must implement RendererInterface

Is only set if a specific renderer should be used for this renderable, if it is NULL the caller needs to determine the renderer or take care of the renderer itself.

null|string the renderer class name

Implemented in FormRuntime, AbstractRenderable, and UnknownFormElement.

Referenced by FormView\renderRenderable().

getRenderingOptions ( )

Get all rendering options

array associative array of rendering options

Implemented in FormRuntime, and AbstractRenderable.

Referenced by FormView\renderRenderable(), and TranslationService\translateFormElementValue().

getType ( )

Abstract "type" of this Renderable. Is used during the rendering process to determine the template file or the View PHP class being used to render the particular element.


Implemented in FormRuntime, and AbstractRenderable.

Referenced by UnknownFormElementRenderer\render(), FormView\renderRenderable(), and TranslationService\translateFormElementValue().