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ContentObjectGetDataHookInterface Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

 getDataExtension ($getDataString, array $fields, $sectionValue, $returnValue, ContentObjectRenderer &$parentObject)

Detailed Description

interface for classes which hook into and do additional getData processing

Definition at line 20 of file ContentObjectGetDataHookInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

getDataExtension (   $getDataString,
array  $fields,
ContentObjectRenderer $parentObject 

Extends the getData()-Method of to process more/other commands

string$getDataStringFull content of getData-request e.g. "TSFE:id // field:title // field:uid
array$fieldsCurrent field-array
string$sectionValueCurrently examined section value of the getData request e.g. "field:title
string$returnValueCurrent returnValue that was processed so far by getData
\TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\ContentObjectRenderer$parentObjectParent content object
string Get data result