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ContentObjectGetSingleHookInterface Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

 getSingleContentObject ($contentObjectName, array $configuration, $TypoScriptKey, ContentObjectRenderer &$parentObject)

Detailed Description

Interface for classes which hook into and do additional cObjGetSingle processing

Definition at line 20 of file ContentObjectGetSingleHookInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

getSingleContentObject (   $contentObjectName,
array  $configuration,
ContentObjectRenderer $parentObject 

Renders content objects, that are not defined in the core

string$contentObjectNameThe content object name, eg. "TEXT" or "USER" or "IMAGE
array$configurationArray with TypoScript properties for the content object
string$TypoScriptKeyLabel used for the internal debug tracking
\TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\ContentObjectRenderer$parentObjectParent content object
string cObject output