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DataProcessorInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for DataProcessorInterface:
CommaSeparatedValueProcessor DatabaseQueryProcessor FilesProcessor GalleryProcessor MenuProcessor SplitProcessor DataProcessorFixture

Public Member Functions

 process (ContentObjectRenderer $cObj, array $contentObjectConfiguration, array $processorConfiguration, array $processedData)

Detailed Description

Interface for data processor classes processing data from ContentObjectRenderer, used e.g. with the FLUIDTEMPLATE content object

Definition at line 21 of file DataProcessorInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

process ( ContentObjectRenderer  $cObj,
array  $contentObjectConfiguration,
array  $processorConfiguration,
array  $processedData 

Process content object data

ContentObjectRenderer$cObjThe data of the content element or page
array$contentObjectConfigurationThe configuration of Content Object
array$processorConfigurationThe configuration of this processor
array$processedDataKey/value store of processed data (e.g. to be passed to a Fluid View)
array the processed data as key/value store

Implemented in MenuProcessor, GalleryProcessor, CommaSeparatedValueProcessor, SplitProcessor, and DataProcessorFixture.