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AbstractMenuFilterPagesHookInterface Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

 processFilter (array &$data, array $banUidArray, $spacer, AbstractMenuContentObject $obj)

Detailed Description

interface for classes which hook into AbstractMenuContentObject

Definition at line 20 of file AbstractMenuFilterPagesHookInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

processFilter ( array &  $data,
array  $banUidArray,
AbstractMenuContentObject  $obj 

Checks if a page is OK to include in the final menu item array.

array$dataArray of menu items
array$banUidArrayArray of page uids which are to be excluded
bool$spacerIf set, then the page is a spacer.
\TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\Menu\AbstractMenuContentObject$objThe menu object
bool Returns TRUE if the page can be safely included.