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Todo List
Member AbstractItemProvider::getRegisteredFlexForms ($table)

: This approach is limited and doesn't find everything. It works for casual tt_content plugins, though:

: The data structure identifier determination depends on data row, but we don't have all rows at hand here.

: The code thus "guesses" some standard data structure identifier scenarios and tries to resolve those.

: This guessing can not be solved in a good way. A general registry of "all" possible data structures is

: probably not wanted, since that wouldn't work for truly dynamic DS calculations. Probably the only

: thing we could do here is a hook to allow extensions declaring specific data structures to

: allow backend admins to set exclude flags for certain fields in those cases.

Member AbstractItemProvider::getStaticValues ($itemArray, $dynamicItemArray)
: Check method usage, it's probably bogus in select context and was removed from select tree already.
Member AbstractNode::__construct (NodeFactory $nodeFactory, array $data)

: Should NOT set the nodeFactory instance, this is done by AbstractContainer only,

: but not done for Element classes: Elements are tree leaves, they MUST

: not create new nodes again.

: Currently, AbstractFormElement still does that, but do not rely on the fact that

: Element classes have an instance of NodeFactory at hand.

Class AbstractTreeStateProvider
This class is incomplete, because the methods still need
Member AbstractWidgetViewHelper::initializeWidgetIdentifier ()
clean up, and make it somehow more routing compatible.
Member ActionHandler::deleteSingleRecord ($table, $uid)
What about reporting errors back to the ExtJS interface? /olly/
Member ActionHandler::swapSingleRecord ($table, $t3ver_oid, $orig_uid)
What about reporting errors back to the ExtJS interface? /olly/
Member BackendInterface::getUidOfAlreadyPersistedValueObject ( $object)
this is the last monster in this persistence series. refactor!
Member BasicFileUtility::checkIfAllowed ($ext, $_, $filename= '')
Deprecate, but still in use by DataHandler
Member BasicFileUtility::cleanFileName ($fileName)
Deprecate, but still in use by the core
Member BasicFileUtility::getUniqueName ($theFile, $theDest, $dontCheckForUnique=false)
Deprecate, but still in use by the Core (DataHandler...)
Member Bootstrap::configureObjectManager ()
this is duplicated code (see ::configureObjectManager())
Member Clickmenu::main (&$backRef, $menuItems, $table, $uid)
Skinning for icons...
Member Constraint::__wakeup ()
the constraints model needs another way of storing persisted search data than serialisation
Member ContentObjectRenderer::addParams ($content, $conf)
Make it XHTML compatible. Will not present "/>" endings of tags right now. Further getting the tagname might fail if it is not separated by a normal space from the attributes.
Member ContentObjectRenderer::TCAlookup ($inputValue, $conf)
It would be nice it this function basically looked up any type of value, db-relations etc.
Member CoreUpdateService::setDownloadTargetPath ($downloadTargetPath)
move this to folder structure
Class DatabaseIntegrityCheck
Need to really extend this class when the DataHandler library has been updated and the whole API is better defined. There are some known bugs in this library. Further it would be nice with a facility to not only analyze but also clean up!
See also
::func_relations(), ::func_records()
Member DatabaseRowInitializeNew::setDefaultsFromDevVals (array $result)

: Fetch this stuff from request object as soon as modules were moved to PSR-7,

: or hand values over via $result array, so the _GP access is transferred to

: controllers concern.

Member DatabaseSelect::getDefaultDatabaseCharset (string $dbName)
this function is MySQL specific. If the core has migrated to Doctrine it should be reexamined whether this function and the check in $this->checkExistingDatabase could be deleted and utf8 otherwise enforced (guaranteeing compatibility with other database servers).
Member DependencyUtility::checkExtensionDependency (Dependency $dependency)
handle exceptions / markForUpload
Member DependencyUtility::getExtensionFromTer ($extensionKey, Dependency $dependency)
unit tests
Member ExtensionServiceTest::getTargetPidByPluginSignatureDeterminesTheTargetPidIfDefaultPidIsAuto ()
This should rather be a functional test since it needs a connection / querybuilder
Member ExtensionServiceTest::getTargetPidByPluginSignatureReturnsNullIfTargetPidCouldNotBeDetermined ()
This should rather be a functional test since it needs a connection / querybuilder
Member ExtensionServiceTest::getTargetPidByPluginSignatureThrowsExceptionIfMoreThanOneTargetPidsWereFound ()
This should rather be a functional test since it needs a connection / querybuilder
Member FileReference::getAlternative ()
Possibly move this to the image domain object instead
Member FileReference::getDescription ()
Possibly move this to the image domain object instead
Member FileReference::getLink ()
Move this to the image domain object instead
Member FileReference::getTitle ()
Possibly move this to the image domain object instead
Member FormInlineAjaxController::checkInlineFileTypeAccessForField (array $selectorConfiguration, array $fileRecord)
: check this ...
Member FormViewHelper::renderHiddenReferrerFields ()
filter out referrer information that is equal to the target (e.g. same packageKey)
Member GeneralUtility::compat_version ($verNumberStr)
Still needs a function to convert versions to branches
Member HashService::appendHmac ($string)
Mark as API once it is more stable
Member HashService::validateAndStripHmac ($string)
Mark as API once it is more stable
Member ImagePreviewTask::fileNeedsProcessing ()
Member InlineStackProcessor::injectAjaxConfiguration ($contextString= '')
: Review this construct - Why can't the ajax call fetch these data on its own and transfers it to client instead?
Member LocalizationUtility::translate ($key, $extensionName, $arguments=null)
: If vsprintf gets a malformed string, it returns FALSE! Should we throw an exception there?
Class LogEntry
: This should be stuffed to some more central place
Member ModuleTemplate::makeShortcutIcon ($gvList, $setList, $modName, $motherModName= '', $displayName= '', $classes= 'btn btn-default btn-sm')

Make this thing return a button object

Member ObjectAccess::getGettableProperties ($object)
What to do with ArrayAccess
Class ObjectStorageConverter
Implement functionality for converting collection properties.
Class ParentPageTca
: maybe not needed?
Member PreviewHook::compilePreviewKeyword ($getVarsStr, $backendUserUid, $ttl=172800, $fullWorkspace=null)
for sys_preview:
  • Add a comment which can be shown to previewer in frontend in some way (plus maybe ability to write back, take other action?)
  • Add possibility for the preview keyword to work in the backend as well: So it becomes a quick way to a certain action of sorts?
Member PropertyReflection::getValue ($object=null)
Maybe support private properties as well, as of PHP 5.3.0 we can do
Member Query::getSelectorName ()
This has to be checked at another place
Member QueryBuilderTest::deleteQuotesIdentifierAndDelegatesToConcreteQueryBuilder ()
: Test with alias
Member QueryBuilderTest::fromQuotesIdentifierAndDelegatesToConcreteQueryBuilder ()
: Test with alias
Member QueryBuilderTest::updateQuotesIdentifierAndDelegatesToConcreteQueryBuilder ()
: Test with alias
Member QueryInterface::getQuerySettings ()
decide whether this can be deprecated eventually This method is not part of TYPO3Flow API
Member QueryInterface::setQuerySettings (Generic $querySettings)
decide whether this can be deprecated somewhen This method is not part of TYPO3Flow API
Member Scheduler::cleanExecutionArrays ()
find a way to actually kill the job
Member Scheduler::removeTask (Task $task)
find a way to actually kill the existing jobs
Member SchedulerModuleController::stopTask ()
find a way to really kill the running task
Member SchemaColumnDefinitionListener::getEnumerationTableColumnDefinition (array $tableColumn, AbstractPlatform $platform)
: The $tableColumn source currently only support MySQL definition style.
Member SearchController::linkPage ($pageUid, $linkText, $row=[], $markUpSwParams=[])
make use of the UriBuilder
Member SearchController::makeDescription ($row, $noMarkup=false, $length=180)
overwork this
Member SearchController::makeRating ($row)
can this be a ViewHelper?
Class SoloFieldContainer
: It should be possible to merge this container to ListOfFieldsContainer
Member TaskInterface::fileNeedsProcessing ()
Member TcaFlexProcess::addDataStructurePointersToMetaData (array $result, $fieldName)
: This method is a stopgap measure to get required information into the AJAX controller
Member TcaFlexProcess::getFlexIdentifier (array $result, $fieldName)

: This method is only implemented half. It basically should do all the

: pointer handling that is done within BackendUtility::getFlexFormDS() to $srcPointer.

: This can be solved now by adding 'identifier' from TcaFlexPrepare to 'config' array

Member TcaInline::addInlineFirstPid (array $result)
: Find out when and if this is different from 'effectivePid'
Member TcaInline::getLiveDefaultId ($tableName, $uid)
: the workspace mess still must be resolved somehow
Member TcaTypesShowitem::removeFieldsFromPalettes (array $result, $removeListArray)
: unit tests!
Member TemplateService::getFromMPmap ($pageId=0)
Implement some caching of the result between hits. (more than just the memory caching used here)
Member TypoScriptFrontendController::$contentType

Ticket: #63642 Should be refactored to a request/response model later

Member UriBuilder::convertTransientObjectToArray ( $object)
Refactore this into convertDomainObjectsToIdentityArrays()
Member UriTest::withPortAcceptsBooleanTrueAsPortOne ()

: Currently, boolean true is interpreted as 1 by canBeInterpretedAsInteger().

: This test shows that, but there is an inconsistency and maybe it would be better

: if the code would not accept 'true' as valid port but throw an exception instead.

: If that is changed, 'true' should be added to the 'invalid type' data provider above.

Member ValidatorResolver::createValidator ($validatorType, array $validatorOptions=[])
remove throwing Exceptions in resolveValidatorObjectName
Class Workspace
: This should be extended and put at some more central place
Class WorkspaceRepository
This should be moved to EXT:workspaces if EXT:belog works no matter if workspaces are installed or not